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Saskatchewan, Canada

Blackbear & Whitetail Hunts

Contact:   Darren Sochaski     306-381-5187

Wheat Field


Whitegull Outfitters has been in business for 15+ years with numerous changes to our outfit.

Darren Sochaski took over general operations of WGO in early 2020.  Darren has a vast knowledge of the area that encompasses our deer and bear areas.  He has hunted, fished, and explored these areas for the last 25 years.

At WGO, we strive to take only the biggest and most mature animals be it whitetail or black bears.  That being said, your trophy is the one you choose to take no matter what the size or score.   We want your time with us to be about memories made and experiences to remember.  

We will do everything in our power to make your hunting experience one that you will talk about for years to come!



Due to the Covid pandemic, 2 avid bear hunters couldn't cross the border to Canada for our (15 year) annual bear hunt.  When it finally opened (August 9) - we scrambled to try and get a fall hunt in anywhere we could find.  An ad for WGO said you could call anytime, so we did and Darren answered.  He said he was as anxious as we were to get his camp going.  3 weeks later we were there!  Darren  did a great job guiding, feeding and entertaining us - he was the only one in camp that week and handled all of the above solo with joy and enthusiasm!  

Not to mention the 2  nice bears we got.. Great hunt for sure!

Mike Falvo



Prois is proud to be a part of the first annual "Women's Week" at Whitegull Outfitters!

Prois is a female designed, owned, operated, & promoted company.  

For years, girls & women had minimal choices for outdoor gear and Prois has changed that with their extensive line of clothing & accessories from shirts/jackets/pants to belts/backpacks/vests.

To explore what Prois Hunting Apparel has to offer, check out our website at

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